Working With The Latest Technology

All-State Brokerage, Inc. operates on an up-to-date computer system including software specifically designed for brokerage sales tracking from Management Computer Services.  This state of the art program provides us with the following:

  • M.C.S
  • Sales history for up to five years.  Sales can be tracked by manufacturer or customer in many different ways including movement and ranking reports.  Sales tracking by month and YTD verses previous years are reviewed at monthly staff meeting.
  • Promotional information can also be tracked by customer and principal to give us information on what our customers are doing to support your products.
  • EDI capabilities to receive and transmit orders as required.  We can also process price changes and promotional offerings by EDI.

Our Administrative staff is experienced and trained in several popular software programs including Synetics, MCS Brokerage Software, Kmart IMA/Workbench, Photo Shop and Microsoft Office.

Sales Analysis

Because some customer’s sales are not handled through our office, we have developed other methods of tracking these sales;  

  • We have online access to sales figures available from  Kmart and Jo Ann stores.
  • Since many of our customers work through distributors, we manage these movement figures through the use of Spin reports. VIP, Libaum, Vistan, CCSI, and more
  • Sales figures obtained in any of these manners are analyzed.  This information is used to provide our vendors and salespeople accurate information of product movement and promotional tracking.

Office Information

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