Our Mission

All-State Brokerage has over 200 years of combined selling experience. Our people make it a point to develop and extra special relationship with our buyers. We are large enough to do a complete job, yet small enough to do a personal job and to handle each account and principal on a one-on-one basis.

Because of our background in all classes of trade, we can provide key contacts in the United States with all major customers. We enjoy an open door policy with many of our customers

We have proven to be effective at both the corporate level and with individual store groups. This allows us to push our products direct or through a distributor as needed.

What we can do for you

All-State Brokerage services customers in all classes of trade throughout the United States. Our success is driven by our ability to understand the customer's specific needs and work within their requirements. We work with direct customers as well as distributors large or small. We have proven experience increasing our manufacturer's sales dollars with our customers. We sell distributors by selling first to the key accounts that they service. Once their customers has accepted our products we work with the distributor to maximize the sale for their customers as well.

In today’s competitive market, we believe an extra professional effort will increase the success of our products. All-State Brokerage follows a specific and thorough procedure for all sales presentations. Our sales team is always prepared with information on new items and promotions. We provide the customer a detailed presentation including, attractive samples and pricing to allow them the most profitability on our items. We follow through on all sales calls via telephone and email, attending customer sales meetings as needed.

Office Information

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